The Dodgers have lost their first free agent of the winter, as starting pitcher Lance Lynn has agreed to a deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. Lynn heads back to St. Louis where his career started, and he gets a two-year deal with an option in the second year.

Despite all of his struggles in the 2023 season, Lynn still got himself a nice contract. In 11 games with the Dodgers, the veteran right-hander posted an ERA of 4.36.

He gave them an extra arm to use in the second half of the season, but his performances were pretty much up and down. Lynn was very prone to giving up home runs in 2023, and most fans will remember him for allowing four in game three of their playoff series.

There was some talk about Lynn returning to the Dodgers after they declined his option for next season, but LA likely didn't want to pay most than the minimum for him. They are focused on adding more quality arms to their starting rotation, and Lynn would have just been a depth piece. 

Lynn was the Dodgers lone starting pitching acquisition at the trade deadline, and they were burned by it. He was expected to perform in a manner that wasn't up to his skill set, and the front office has taken the blame for not doing more.

The hope is that the Dodgers fix the mistake this offseason, and they are expected to be aggressive in adding starters this winter. The team doesn't want more of the same in 2024, so hopefully, they go all-in with adding elite starting pitching.

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