Jeff Hardy had the wrestling world buzzing after his surprise return to TNA at Against All Odds. Curiosity was high to see what the future holds for Brother Nero. Sorry to report that Hardy was barely shown on television for the first episode back on Impact (June 20, 2024).

At Against All Odds, Moose defeated Matt Hardy to retain the TNA World Championship. Matt had victory within his grasp, but Alisha Edwards interfered with a kendo stick. Reby Hardy ran out to help her husband, however, the end result was Matt spearing Reby through a table when Moose pulled her in front. Moose speared Matt to win. Afterward, the System dished out more punishment, and Jeff arrived for the save to create a memorable moment.

Fast forward to Impact, and all we saw was a quick backstage promo from the Hardy family after the event. Jeff didn’t even speak. Matt declared that business with the System is far from over. This scene was actually posted on social media earlier in the day before being replayed on Impact.

Slammiversary is the next PPV for TNA on July 20 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is safe to assume that neither Hardy brother will be in the world title picture, since they aren’t involved in qualifier matches for the six-way elimination main event. My guess for Jeff’s direction is a Hardy Boyz reunion to challenge Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Or maybe the Reby and Alisha will be involved for a trios contest.

Share your thoughts on Jeff Hardy’s appearance for Impact after his big return to TNA.

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