Perhaps the truest statement that ever came out of the mouth of Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan Wolverines head coach, was when he alluded to Ohio State’s Ryan Day being born on third base — while Day thought he hit a triple. Harbaugh never used names, but the statement was obviously about Day, and it created a lot of conversation over the years.

Fast forward to today, and the premise of the statement is still being talked about, and now we have some kind of metric to determine one’s proximity to what base they were born on.

I guess there was math involved as the rating was based off of the inherited Elo rating and inherited team talent composite. To answer the lead question... Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman was NOT born on third base — but he was awfully close.

The one thing these rankings don’t show, however, is how good the quarterback situation was when they took over. As far as Freeman is concerned, 2022 was an insane mix of QB inexperience, poor QB depth, and injuries.

The funny thing about the top 20 is that seven of those names were fired from the job. Even funnier (and definitely something to monitor) is four of the bottom six coaches on this list have become HOT names moving forward in Mike Elko (Duke Blue Devils), Jedd Fisch (Arizona Wildcats), Jonathan Smith (Oregon State Beavers), and Lance Liepold (Kansas Jayhawks).

While I think this dive into math is pretty interesting, I’m not sure how much I’m banking any argument on with these numbers. Debate it if you want.

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